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Updated: Jun 9

J-Man Radio relaunched over a month ago and since we reached this milestone we wanted to offer our OG listeners and new listeners to a new way of entertainment . We are very excited to launch our very own web TV and bring another way to entertain you while your on our website. JMR TV will be the home of 'J-Man Originals' , 24/7 programming schedule with 5 channels , live broadcasts directly from our YouTube channel to our web TV service for special events and pre recorded shows and vlogs from YouTube and other streaming platforms throughout the day, talk shows and more. We will only have 5 channels for all of our content that will include award shows, video Interviews with artists and bands , music videos, Hits 100 Channel and so much more. We will be partnering up with our sister station Hits 100 Arizona to replay Hits 100 AZ award shows and their content, also included will be the videos you will miss on our website if we go live through the Wix app those replays will be replayed on JMR TV as well. J-Man Radio hopes to beat the competition with this new website feature and we hope to bring you some of enjoyment as we go through these rough times!

JMR TV Features and Programming

  • 'J-Man Originals'

  • 24/7 programming

  • Live Events via YouTube

  • Pre recorded shows and vlogs

  • Talk Shows, Award Shows, Interviews

  • Hits 100 Arizona Content Partnership

  • 5 Channels - (adding more in future)

  • TV Guide with all channels

  • embed player to share across social media



logo of JMR TV
JMR TV logo

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